E3 brought with it the exciting announcement of a new Twisted Metal of PlayStation 3. While the game being shown by Sony right now resembles Twisted Metal Black, according to series mastermind David Jaffe, the original concept was a very different, much tamer game.

When asked during a recent Twisted Metal Q&A why Dollface is a faction leader, Jaffe revealed some info about the game’s original concept.

“I think it was just sort of visual pop,” said Jaffe regarding the decision to put Dollface in the spotlight next to Sweet Tooth. “I like the way she looks. There’s this weird thing about masks is Twisted Metal. Whether it’s Mr. Grimm, Dollface, or Sweet Tooth. It still feels twisted.

“The original version of this game – which I’m sure we’ll release some concept art of – was much more urban and Midnight Club,” said Jaffe. “None of the crazy characters were there, they were much more normal. As we went through production we got our Twisted vibe back, and Dollface is one of the creepiest characters that made sense in this battle.”