Bringing another property native to Japan stateside, Tecmo Koei gave us a brief look at Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll this morning. The franchise debuted overseas on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, marking Trinity as the first time the IP has made the westward journey.

An action/RGP, Trinity is set in a medieval fantasy world. The setting directly dictated the aesthetics of the game, with everything overlain with a light canvas texture. We don’t know much about the narrative, other than that the main characters have been united by fate to stop an evil king.

The title alludes to the trio of main characters. Each is unique from the other and has exclusive abilities. The player can swap characters at will, even mid-battle. Areus, the fiery-haired protagonist, wields a sword and magic. In one scenario a group of enemies waded through shallow water. Areus cast an ice spell and froze them in their tracks, leaving them waiting to be shattered with a single blow. Dadda, the other male protagonist, is built like a tree trunk and easily takes the role of the tank. He can pick up pillars of rock and other environmental objects to use as weapons. Selena, the sole female character, is fast and nimble. She has the ability to double jump and reach areas the other two can’t. The player must swap between all three characters in order to progress through the game. When a special gauge fills all three characters can pull together in a special Trinity Attack.

Each character has around 20 skills they can learn as they work their way through a skill tree. The characters also level up and collect orbs from fallen foes which can be allocated for health, attack, and defense upgrades.

We put a short combat demo through its paces, pitted against swarms of goblin-like creatures and animated skeletal archers. We swapped through all three characters on the fly as needed. The demo concluded with a battle against a hulking ogre. Here we were instructed to look for a specific weak point, as random attacks would do little to whittle down his health. Even once we discovered the point to exploit, the battle was a challenging one.

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll is in development for the PlayStation 3. No ship date has been released as of yet.