Marvel vs. Capcom 3 just punched us in the eyes, and we totally loved it.

This is the first time we’ve played a new Marvel vs. Capcom title in nearly a decade. What did we think of it? Below are some off-the-cuff impressions:

Holy hell, this game is fast; should please fans of the series.

The new launch button is great for throwing dudes into the air. This makes air combat a little easier, but I’m still going to have to practice my combos.

Switching characters is easier than ever; just hold back and hit the assist button.

Switching character in the middle of a hyper combo does not cause any slow down, and it looks crazy!

Chris Redfield is okay; might have to spend some time with this character before I get the feel for him.

Just launched a dude into the air with Captain America, jumped up, and slapped him a few times, then brought in Dante, who knocked him to the ground and stomped on his head before I brought in Ryu in to finish the job. Who says the Hulk is indestructible?

Deadpool kicks ass…and he’s hilarious. He does a moonwalk when he walks backwards. His super is pretty cool too. Good team-up with Captain America and Dante.

I’m definitely buying this game.

I hope Squirrel Girl is in it.