Coming off of Microsoft's big push for Kinect yesterday, Sony had a new motion controller of their own to begin getting gamers hyped for. Unlike the competition, though, Sony came to E3 prepped with specifics on the release date and pricing for PlayStation Move.

The Move will be available beginning September 19 in America, September 15 in Europe, and October 21 in Japan.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, it will set you back $50 for the main wand controller and $30 for the "Navigation controller" -- the nunchuk-esque add-on. A bundle that includes a Move controller, the Eyetoy camera, and the game Sports Champion will be available at launch for $99, as will a new PS3/Move bundle for $399.

Stay tuned to Game Informer for hands-on impressions with the games that use Move as E3 continues.