Tetsuya Mizuguchi spiritual successor to Rez hits us in the eyes like a firecracker, and we like it.

We first saw Child of Eden yesterday at Ubisoft press conference, but we just got a more in-depth look at the game and came away impressed. The whole game is made up of five stages, which the team calls achieves. It takes place in a futuristic internet space, and your goal is to fly through this computerized space and rescue a woman named Lumie who has been capture by some mysterious force.

Strange as that may sound, the game is a gorgeous on-rails shooter. Like Rez, everything in the game beats in flow with the original techno soundtrack created by the team at Q Entertainment. Players are equipped with super-destructive bombs that produce a wave of color and sound. It’s like exploring the insides of a synthesizer.

Even though the game was demoed on Microsoft’s Kinect yesterday, today we saw it working with a normal 360 controller . We can’t wait to play the game in full when it comes to Xbox 360 and PS3 in early 2011.