This Move-compatible PSN game takes the already mind-bending puzzle format of the first game and adds a new element - shadows.

Echochrome II isn't just a more colorful game than the first, it uses the Move controller as a flashlight. By flashing a light on the game's familiar mannequin character you cast a shadow of him and the environment on the white wall behind him. You must then manipulate this shadow by moving the controller so that the shadow itself produces a walkable path for your automaton to reach his goal, and thus finishing the level. So when you shine the Move controller/flashlight straight on, the shadow produced is very familiar and simple, but as you twist the flashlight around, the shadows become more distorted. It's within the distorted shadows created where you'll find a path to the level's exit. We only played a few demo puzzles, but like the first Echochrome, we expect things to get trickier and trickier. One of the levels we played also featured trampolines. These were created by the shadows of balls in the stage's architecture.

As if Echochrome II's levels weren't daunting enough, you can also create your own and share them online. Additionally, DLC stages are played after the game's release before the end of the year.