If there's one thing we like, it's opening a box and showing what's inside. When Microsoft unveiled the revised Xbox 360 hardware at its press briefing, we didn't care about its smaller shape, quieter fan, or built in wi-fi. No, we wanted to see the box the system will ship in, open it up, and photograph its contents in excruciating detail. Microsoft must have read our minds. Behold! Pictures!

After looking at the box and its nifty green packaging, we popped open the top. Pretend that you didn't see the smaller power supply in the background.

Our own Bryan Vore lifts the 360s out of its box. The packaging is minimal, with rubbery little protective nubs replacing the larger pieces that entombed previous Xbox 360s.

You can probably guess what's going on here. If not, Bryan is unfolding the sheet of plastic that encases the system. OK, that was unnecessary.

Here it is from above. Note its glossy finish. You can't tell from this shot, but the 250 GB hard drive is hidden under a flap. More on that in a little bit.