One of the many demos at Microsoft's crazy Kinect circus show was Dance Central, what is most likely Harmonix's rumored Natal project.

Relatively late in the show, the young son tried to learn some hot dance moves from an onscreen instructor to the beat of No Doubt's "Hella Good." Somehow this kid failed a simple elbow swing so the instructor slowed the music down to a snail's pace until this chump could get his crap together.

Before long this little tyke was swinging his elbows like a champ, busting some fancy feet moves, playing air guitar, and twirling an invisible lasso. That's not all. Soon the entire fake family joined in, then two other fake families, then a bunch of fake families in the aisles, and finally eight to ten professional dancers started shaking it inside giant boxes suspended from the ceiling above the crowd.

Stayed tuned for Microsoft's hopefully more mild-mannered press conference tomorrow morning for more info on this booty-shaking project.