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Crytek Announces Codename Kingdoms For 360

The PC developer known for pushing hardware to its breaking point is at it again, only this time the game doesn't involve guns or enhancement suits. Crytek announced a very gritty, blood-soaked game called Codename Kingdoms at the Microsoft Press Conference in Los Angeles today, using only live actors.

The reveal trailer shows a man standing in a dark battlefield, caked with fresh blood and having a very deep inner monologue. He wields a spartan-like sword and shield, and speaks of overcoming oppressive forces against all odds. As war drums beat in the background, well-armed men join him from behind. Codename Kingdom's dark presentation is reminiscent of the movie 300, but seeing another Spartan in the context of a video game only makes me think of God of War.

Could Crytek and Microsoft be looking to bring a God of War killer to Xbox 360?

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