E3 is among us! While we continue to prep for LA this weekend we will try to squeeze in some quality game time. What games are we playing? Read on to find out then let us know what you're playing this weekend.

Jeff C: I’m probably not going to get much game time in this weekend, but I’ll try. I’ve got to leave for a wedding Saturday morning, and my flight to E3 is on Sunday night. That leaves Friday as the only real slot left. I’m going to try to finish up the challenges in Red Dead Redemption before wrapping up the story. I’m already a master treasure hunter and flower picker, and the sharpshooting and hunting awards should be mine before the night’s over. Hooray.

Bryan: I'll mostly run errands before leaving for E3 on Sunday. Though I plan on playing a crap load of Picross 3D on the plane.

Dan: Seeing as these will be my last precious hours of sanity before a week of madness, I'm going to relax as much as possible. If the weather is nice, I plan on spending a ton of time at the lake. Outside of that, I'm going to try to finish up 3D Dot Game Heroes and maybe work on some Peace Walker. With Breaking Bad ending this weekend, I need a new show to get into. I think I landed on The Wire. Watched the first episode last night, and I'll probably keep moving through the first season to see what all the fuss is about.

Tim: With Dragon Age under my belt I've turned my gaze on Red Dead Redemption. I just crossed into Mexico for some south of the border fun. However, with E3 on the way my gaming will be going portable very, very soon. I'm still plugging away at Pokémon FireRed version, but I also broke new ground on Chrono Trigger. If I manage to pound through Chrono Trigger during E3 flights, I'll probably turn to Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Fun Stuff!

Annette: I'm primarily running a bunch of errands, getting my hair did, and wrapping up whatever work I have left to post online prior to E3. I'd like to return to the office after the trip with a clean slate to take on the load of work I'll have gathered at E3 (it's my first time at E3 so I'm stoked!). Otherwise when I'm not running around like crazy and writing up site content, I'll play Red Dead right up until I leave for LA Monday morning.

Sean: Like everyone else in the office, this weekend will be about planning, packing, and traveling to LA. However, for me in the interim, I'm going to spend as much time with the family as possible. A trip to one of the many beautiful lakes here is already planned, as well as a Lowery-only Rock Band session (my 4-year-old can rock the drums!). I still have about 40% of the story left in Red Dead, too, so I'll probably do that when everyone else is sleeping.

Nick: PRE-E3 NAP.

That's it for us. What are you playing this weekend?