The E3 rumor mill is in full swing as the industry's largest event gets ready to kick off in just a few days. We have yet to hear a whole lot regarding Nintendo's upcoming handheld, the 3DS (a name that will soon change), except more rumors regarding its appearance.

A Chinese blog has recently posted unverified details of Nintendo's 3D glasses-less portable system with a mock up image (see above).

“The effect of the [3D] screen is amazing,” wrote the mystery blogger who claims to have access to the 3DS dev kit. The report shows that the lower screen is the same size as the current DS, but has a significantly larger upper screen.

Why a Chinese blog would mark it as the 3DS, a name Nintendo executives have confirmed will change, makes this rumor sound like, well, a rumor. Someone with access to that kind of information would probably know the true name by now. It has also been speculated that the 3DS will have an analog stick, something not illustrated in the image above. This is certainly not the first time crazy mock-ups have appeared online for the 3DS. Either way we have contacted Nintendo for comment, to which they responded that the company does not comment on rumors. Who else thinks they could've done a better job sketching this thing out?

Speculate away, or patiently await the official announcement at Nintendo's E3 press conference next Tuesday, and keep an eye on Game Informer for all breaking news and previews straight out of E3.