With Microsoft and Nintendo out of the way, we turn our gaze to Sony. Though many think Sony's already run out of tricks with the recent Infamous 2, Killzone 3, and LittleBigPlanet 2 announcements, we know better than to expect nothing new out of its Tuesday press conference. Here are our best guesses:

Rockstar Teases Agent Again
Last year Sony teased a PlayStation exclusive game from the uber-talented Rockstar North team called Agent. Sony and the public have waited impatiently for the Grand Theft Auto IV creators to show off the fruits of their labor, and we expect a short video teaser to run at Sony’s press conference. After that, it’s probably back to a long dormant period away from the public eye as the team simultaneously chisels away at Grand Theft Auto V, which Take Two shareholders and financial analysts alike are clamoring for unrepentantly.

Sony Goes All In On 3D

Sony isn’t always on the cutting edge of technology, but it certainly holds its place on the expensive edge. Most of the company’s CES booth was dedicated to a wide array of pocket-gouging 3D capable products, from a new line a Bravia HDTVs to 3D-ready Blu-ray players. This trend will continue at E3 as Sony attempts to position the PlayStation 3 as the console leader for the decades-old technology that has received a new lifeline thanks to Avatar and active shutter glasses. Press conference attendees will be handed 3D glasses to be wowed by old games with stereoscopic 3D updates and new announcements featuring full 3D integration.

Sony Announces More HD PS2 Collections
It was hard to pass up the God of War Collection earlier this year. It took two of the best games of all-time, gave them a beautiful HD makeover, and released them together at the affordable $39.99 price point. It was a fantastic deal for fans, and introduced many to the series that missed out the first time around. Considering how many classic games were released on the PS2, it only makes sense for this trend to continue. There are already rumors of an Ico/Shadow of the Colossus pack, and other no-brainers would include series like Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, and Ratchet & Clank. It makes sense for Sony to continue this trend, as it's easy money for them and a great bargain for fans.

Killzone 3 Demoed with PlayStation Move And 3D
Killzone 3 is one of Sony’s big guns this year, and the company will arm that gun with the bullets that are going to be driving its business strategy for the next couple of years: 3D tech and PlayStation Move. Using Sony’s new motion controller, players will be able to shoot and move around the virtual battlefield in explosive sci-fi battles. By adding optional 3D effects to the battles, Sony will tout it as "the most immersive shooter experience ever made."

The Last Guardian Steals The Show
The new info on Team Ico's highly anticipated project, The Last Guardian, will reinvigorate the crowd at Sony's press conference after suffering through 97 PlayStation Move demos. The beautiful third-person action/adventure game was first revealed at last year's E3, and we have a hunch we'll finally get to see more. Amid chatter about things we're already aware of: The future of PSN, Move, and the push toward 3D, a new breathtaking trailer or gameplay demo of The Last Guardian featuring the young boy and the gigantic mystical creature will easily steal the show. The huge mystical creature will also be in attendance wearing stylish 3D glasses.

Sony Details Paid PSN Subscription Model
Sony's paid PlayStation Network subscription model announcement is going to ignite the Internet in a storm of nerdrage rivaling the Left 4 Dead 2 reveal. The outrage at having to pay for things runs strong in forum posters, and when Sony offers expanded services for a small fee, they will be "sellouts and liars confirmed" within seconds online. Nevermind that gamers have been complaining about PSN's inferiority to Xbox Live since before it launched. Then again, if Sony puts even the basic functionality that exists now behind a paywall, we'll be howling for blood along with everyone else.

Microsoft, Sony, And Nintendo All Claim Dominance In 2009
Even though Nintendo is the only console manufacturer that can truly brag about being number one on all fronts (home consoles, portable consoles, first-party software), Microsoft and Sony will slice the data just right to make themselves look good. Microsoft’s spiel will focus on the Xbox 360’s dominance in third-party game sales and Sony will tout that PS3 sales have been ramping up since the price cut last year. Since we all know what you guys are going to say can we skip the graphs at the press conferences now?

Motion Controls Fail To Impress Enthusiast Gamers
One of the conundrums Nintendo faced when announcing the Wii was the lukewarm response from the enthusiast press more interested in new Mario and Zelda games than waggle controls. With cutesy graphics and dumbed-down controls that made its games accessible to the masses intimidated by 14-button controllers, the announcement left many enthusiasts feeling underwhelmed. Sony and Microsoft face a similar challenge in rolling out their new motion control technologies this year, and trying to win over jaded journalists poisoned by the deluge of Wii shovelware is likely a losing proposition.

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