After our recent Replay of Earthworm Jim, I was pretty psyched to hear that the 16-bit platformer is getting a downloadable HD remake. As if that weren't enough in and of itself, we've now discovered that the remake will come packed with a brand new four-player co-op mode.

Rumors of some sort of multiplayer mode in Earthworm Jim HD were originally stirred up due to a leak of the game's Achievements. As it turns out, this new mode was confirmed last week in an interview on The 8th Circuit.

In the interview, Gameloft's Anne-Jolie Casenaz promises "many exclusive features, such as brand new levels with exclusive enemies and up to four players in co-op multiplayer!" This mode will specifically be available in the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network HD ports of Earthworm Jim, whereas promised DSi and Wiiware versions will be solo only.

The interview also reveals that Earthworm Jim HD will arrive on XBLA first this June with the PSN version following one month later. Not much longer to wait until you can get in on some neck-whipping action with buddies!

[via Joystiq]