Details on the next Wii Zelda title have been scarce. Nintendo is mostly remaining tightlipped on the road to the game’s big E3 reveal, but some details about the game’s accessibility have been revealed by none other than Miyamoto himself.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind behind Zelda, explained that this new Zelda title is undergoing a different development process than previous games. He admitted that the creation of Zelda games usually starts with a concept demo and then develops into game mechanics from there. For this new title that order has been reversed.

Speaking on the predictable, forumulaic patterns of all Zelda games, Miyamoto stated that Nintendo is “creating a new way to play the game. We are trying to make Zelda, which has become very complicated, easier to play.”

Nintendo’s attempt to make one of their leading brands more accessible shouldn’t come as much surprise. With the latest Mario games sporting a Super Guide system, which aids players who are struggling with challenging bits of gameplay, a simplification of Zelda isn’t too out of line.

Many Zelda fans like myself, however, brace ourselves for the worst when it comes to tampering with such a treasured franchise.

Source: 1UP