What games are you downloading this week? We've got the info to help you decide.

Rocket Knight deserves more than a passing glance, whether you're familiar with the old Konami property or not. Give the trial version a shot before you dismiss the game as another kids-only release not worth your time. The cartoon-like visuals hide a fun and challenging old-school platformer with great controls, challenging bosses, and significant replay value. The game's not particularly long, but like any good entry in the genre, there are lots of reasons to play the game again and again. The game releases tomorrow on XBLA for 1200 Microsoft points ($15) – it's priced identically for next week's PSN version on May 18th. Check out our review here.


XBLA also plays host to Things on Wheels this week, a remote-controlled car racing game for folks looking for an extremely simple driving experience. The game's been in the works for an extremely long time for an XBLA title, and has had a change of publisher since originally announced, but it's finally coming to the service this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft points ($10). The game includes several unique modes and four-player racing online or offline.

The game to watch on WiiWare this week is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. The third installment of the beloved DS series is moving onto the big console for 1000 Wii points ($10). Trials and Tribulations introduces the coffee-swilling prosecutor Godot, and includes the chance to play as multiple characters besides Phoenix. Now that all three of the original games are available on WiiWare, you owe it to yourself to check out this unique and humorous variation on courtroom drama.