UPDATE: BioWare has officially announced Darkspawn Chronicles, a DLC pack that allows players to experience an alternate timeline as a member of the darkspawn legion.  In this version of history, the player's original Grey Warden is killed during the Joining process, leaving the order under Alistair's command.

The story will put you on the the other side of long-running battle between the wardens and the darkspawn. Players will control a hurlock vanguard, creating thralls of fellow darkspawn and commanding the fearsome ogres and shrieks as you lay siege to the city of Denerim. While the episode is self-contained, it will allow you to unlock an epic darkspawn  item that you'll be able to carry over into the main game and the expansion, Awakening.

Notably, the release date of May 18 (which leaked yesterday) only applies to the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game, with the PS3 version to be "announced later."

ORIGINAL STORY: Dragon Age: Origins has already had plenty of DLC, with new characters, quests, and gear fit for a hero. Even with all the content, it's hard to say that you've had enough of a game as cool as Dragon Age.  Thankfully, BioWare will continue expanding its fantasy universe with the release of Darkspawn Chronicles on May 18.

The latest DLC for BioWare's epic RPG was revealed via Xbox Live Newsbeat, but no details beyond the name, price (400 Microsoft points), and release date are currently available.

The name Darkspawn Chronicles isn't particularly informative, so there isn't much room for  speculation. Your Grey Warden will probably, uh, kill a lot of darkspawn? We also don't know if this is an Origins-specific piece of DLC, or if it is somehow connected to the expansion, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.

We've contacted BioWare for comment, and we'll update this story if any new info comes to light.