We got word about a DJ Hero sequel from Activision head Bobby Kotick back in January, but news about the game has been hard to come by since then. Thank goodness for Twitter. Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA made a few tweets that make it seem extremely likely that he’ll be in DJ Hero 2.

As Gamespot points out, in his first tweet, posted last Friday, RZA mentioned the company by name. “Just finished mocap work at Activision - great team of guys who really appreciate hip-hop. Genuinely effected by the loss of Guru.

“I'm delighted to see that some people in Corp America who are benefittin $$ from hip-hop are really fans of our work. Big ups Activision!” he said in a follow-up tweet.

Unless Activision is inexplicably planning to revive the PSOne Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style fighting game, our money is on that mo-cap session being for DJ Hero 2. We shall see.