We can see the business class case study on Activision now: "In retrospect, threatening your employees and withholding their rightfully earned bonuses may not be the best course of action when dealing with your most talented studio." The list of veteran developers resigning from prized studio Infinity Ward continues to expand in the wake of Activision's strong-armed negotiation tactics, with a few more defections being reported by Kotaku.

To put things into perspective, here is the list of senior staff IW members who have walked away in the aftermath of the Jason West and Vince Zampella firings thus far:

Francesco Gigliotti - lead engineer

Jon Shiring - engineer

Rayme Vinson - engineer

Todd Alderman - lead designer, writer

Steve Fukuda - lead designer, writer

Mackey McCandlish - lead designer, writer

Zied Reike - lead designer, writer

Chris Cherubini- lead artist

Mark Grigsby - lead animator, lead rapper

Paul Messerly - lead animator

None of the refugees have stated where they plan to work next, but we can wager one good guess. Good luck, boys. Stay frosty.