A couple years back, Capcom had a hit on their hands with Bionic Commando: Rearmed (we don't like to talk about that other recent Bionic Commando). By taking a fondly remembered classic, totally overhauling the graphics, adding a great remixed soundtrack, and tweaking some gameplay elements, it was met with great reviews and plenty of sales. Konami is hoping that formula works the same with another series that hasn't been seen much since the '80s – Rush 'N Attack.

It may not be as widely remembered as Bionic Commando, but NES fanatics will surely recognize the hilariously outdated title of this Cold War shooter. As expected, this return to Russkie slaughter features a full visual overhaul, almost resembling Shadow Complex in the process. It may still be a side-scrolling shooter, but new features like brutal slo-mo kill animations should bring the gameplay closer to this decade.

Keep an eye out for Rush 'N Attack: Ex-Patriot when it releases this fall on XBLA and PSN.