The mesmerizing score of the hit downloadable game will soon be available for download on PlayStation Network. The soundtrack release will include eight distinct tracks totaling over an hour's worth of music – the whole set will cost $2.99 when it becomes available this Thursday, April 8th.

“When people speak of game development, they often describe it as a process of discovery. Though I’ve worked on video game scores before Flower, working closely with Sony and thatgamecompany was probably the best experience I ever had writing music,” explains composer Vincent Diamante in a recent post at the PlayStation Blog. “The music, ostensibly coming from me, seemed to keep on revealing itself to us from everywhere in the development. From level design, art, and mechanics to little things like the time needed to load a level and even the heft of the DualShock 3; all of these had such an impact on the music composition that I couldn’t help but feel joy that the music was springing up from some space beyond myself.”

Flower is a downloadable PS3 game that released in February of 2009 in which players fly along a meadow of flowers utilizing the motion controls of the PS3 controller. The game has been praised for its poetic themes, gorgeous visuals, and evocative audio.

Do you ever listen to game soundtracks? Would you like to see more downloadable games have their scores made available for download on your console?