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38 Studios Has Most of Curt Schilling's Money

According to a Harvard Business School case study, baseball legend and MMORPG fanatic Curt Schilling has invested the majority of the earnings from his Hall of Fame-bound pitching career in his game development company, 38 Studios. According to Baseball-Reference.com, Schilling's career earnings total $114.16 million.

The case study (as reported on by Gamasutra) goes on to detail the extensive learning curve that Schilling faced while transitioning from professional sports to business. "The whole concept of vacation was foreign to Curt. He actually said, 'People get weekends off, right?'" noted Brett Close, former CEO of Schilling's company.

38 Studios' wholly owned subsidiary, Big Huge Games, is currently developing RPG Project Mercury for EA Partners. The company also has unannounced MMO projects in the works.