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LFTE: The Industry Is At A Crossroads (April 2010)
"From pontificating on the puzzling success of Farmville to discussions on the route to successful downloadable content, just about everyone I spoke to had a different idea of our industry’s future. The problem I see with where we are today is that everyone keeps declaring that his or her future is the only future that can possibly come to be. I don’t think that things need to be so binary." Where is the future of the game industry headed? Check out Andy's latest letter from the editor for his thoughts.

The Void Left By Rare
"Back in the days when Nintendo consoles had third party support that actually released respectable games, one company in particular helped them to shine more than any other: Rare...In no particular order, here’s a quick look at a few of Rare’s more memorable titles." Which titles made GIO community member SaoSauce's list? Read the post for a Rare trip down memory lane.

The Five Things I Love About FFXIII (And The Five Things I Don’t)
Miller breaks down what aspects of Final Fantasy are blowing him away...and what aspects are ticking him off.

PS3…Soon To Be The PSiii
"Sony has never been one to copy anyone. The Blu-ray was quite ingenious and they managed to beat Microsoft for the new format war. Congrats! So Nintendo comes out with the waggle stick and Sony's answer is... to copy it, but say: 'We made it better!!' Ok...that's like a kid coming into class with a plagiarized paper but saying: 'I put it into my own words!'" GIO community member, DarkLadySarai, shares her thoughts on the PlayStation Move. Do you agree? Check out the post then head over to the comments section to share your thoughts.

Overheard: GI Staff Quotables #8
My co-workers say a lot of obnoxious things. I write them down and document them in the Overheard blog. They hate me for it. Totally worth it. Check it out.

I Hate “Girl Gamers”
"I hate the title ‘girl gamer’ and 'gamer girl'. I hate seeing people making threads online complaining about how they are treated ‘different’ in games.  Before we start I will say yes, I am a female who plays games and has played games for almost my entire life." Check out what GIO community member, Lisa, thinks about the titles given to gamers of the female persuasion, and read her list of commonly cited complaints coming from the female gaming community and what can be done to stop them.

Put Your Child To Work: Pokewalking For The Lazy
Jeff C. is now in the running for "Father of the Year" after planting a Pokewalker on his 2-year-old son to earn him Watts for sweet unlockables. His son earned him thousands. Get the full account in his blog post.

I’ll Play ‘Em ‘Till I Die/What’s Happened?
"I have decided to replay many games that have collected dust in my room, my brother's room, and even a few I gave to my friends. I want to relive the glorious moments of Call of Duty 2, have the crap scared out of me by Condemned again, sneak through the shadows with Sam Fisher, and many others. I want to feel that joy again. I have grown tired of the formulaic games that vastly populate the store shelves these days. What happened? The death of my gaming passion happened, that's what." GIO community member, bradyk, explores how solid gaming gems fall off our radars in place of over-advertised games that suck us in, but don't leave an impression the way our favorite older games have.

CosBlog #23: Wander By Hime no Toki
Meagan's weekly blog series previously featured one amazing Shadow of the Colossus costume, and this impressive Wander tribute continues the trend. Check out Hime no Toki’s take on the brave protagonist of Team Ico’s in CosBlog's latest entry. For more cosplay-related greatness, check out the official hub.

Yar!: A Problem With Piracy
"Publishers have taken Piracy very seriously.  At least that's what they want you to think. Companies, such a Ubisoft and EA, are dabbling in DRM solutions that involve an maintaining a constant internet connection to the servers that can constantly verify authenticity. What does this really solve?  Who does it affect?  Is there a better way?" GIO community member, TJ, argues one of the biggest contributors to piracy is the high price of games faced by consumers. Solution? Lower software prices would lead to less piracy. Do you agree?

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