Do you like wakeboarding? Do you have a PlayStation 3 and access to the PlayStation Network? Do you like "Smash[ing] through billboards and boats, splash[ing] the bikini-clad babes"? If you answered yes to all of the above then Creat Studios has the perfect game for you.

Today Creat Studios announced that its new wakeboarding simulator, Wakeboarding HD will be available on PSN starting March 25. The company's website reveals the game will feature a 12-player multiplayer mode, while the engine's "state-of-the-art water simulation" makes "the ocean’s beauty and the wake’s ferocity vividly come to life..." You can also view a decidedly non-HD trailer at the above link, which ends with a wakeboarder getting swallowed by a shark. So we're guessing the focus is more on arcade-y action than realism.

Wakeboarding HD will be available for $14.99.