As the mystery guest for GDC's final panel, Spore creator Will Wright came out of hiding to discuss leaving Electronic Arts, the game he's spent the most time with in his life, and a little thing he calls the "metaphysics of game development."

In typical Will Wright fashion, the speech featured quick-witted quips, a hilarious slide presentation, and an amalgam of insightful ideas. The wide-ranging topics he touched upon included embracing experimental creativity, using the game industry's perceived renegade status to push hot-topic buttons, and crafting interdisciplinary entertainment for a culture that is increasingly interested in blending its synthetic experiences with real life.

He began the discussion by making reference to his departure from EA, saying " I became an independent game designer with the Stupid Fun Club, and when I told my mother she of course reminded me that means 'unemployed.'”

Wright mentioned he has secret projects in the works at his new Stupid Fun Club studio, but neglected to touch on them during the speech. He did, however, mention he starts each day with a cup of coffee and a quick game of Advance Wars on the Nintendo DS. "It lets me relax while I spin up my brain," he remarked, saying that he's probably played the game more than any other title.