The wait is over. At its GDC press event this afternoon, Sony officially unveiled its motion controller and finally gave it a name – the PlayStation Move.

Stressing the controller's precision as the defining technological feat that separates the Move from the Nintendo Wii, Sony senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille said "The PlayStation Move system is a step above anything else on the marketplace.” Dille also declared that he expects the technology to appeal to casual and core gamers alike.

The game demos the company rolled out during the presentation clearly reflect that intent, as the titles ranged from family-friendly minigames games to more robust experiences like a street brawling game tentatively titled Motion Fighters. Sony also noted that several third party publishers are supporting the technology, including Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, Disney, Warner Bros, Tecmo, Sega, and Crave.

Sony also unveiled a nunchuk-style "sub-controller," which features an analog stick and D-pad that enables the Move to be used for more complex gaming experiences. To show off how this worked, a Zipper Interactive rep marched on stage and cruised through a section of its recently announced tactical shooter SOCOM 4 using the new configuration. The shooting seemed to heavily rely on auto-aim, but the player moved relatively seamlessly in and out of cover and the reticule seemed to stay on the screen the entire time, an occurrence anyone who has played shooters on the Wii knows is rare with current motion controls.

The PlayStation Move will be available as a standalone product, as part of a motion controller bundle along with the PlayStation Eye and a game, or as a console bundle. No official pricing was announced, but Sony did reveal that it plans to sell the motion controlling bundle for under $100. Sony is treating this as its most important launch of the year, planning an "aggressive" marketing campaign to complement the device's fall launch.

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