This week's downloadable offerings are enumerated and described for your reading edification and enjoyment.

WiiWare plays hosts to a brand new hero in this week's release. Max & the Magic Marker tells the charming tale of a little boy hero and his adventures through his coloring book, along with the aid of a magic marker that lets him solve problems with his imagination. Sharing many commonalities with 5th Cell's Drawn to Life, Max is a simple platformer with some unique ideas. The game is all yours for 1000 Wii Points ($10), and is available now. Check out our full review of the game.

For gamers wanting a slightly darker tone out of their Wii purchase this week, WiiWare will also play host to Dracula – Undead Awakening. With machine guns, flamethrowers, and other weapons, you'll take out the forces of the undead for 1000 points ($10) on Wii. Want a portable option? The game is also available on DSiWare this week for 500 points ($5).

While we don't always highlight Virtual Console releases here, it's also worth nothing that Final Fantasy II is arriving to the Wii this week. 800 points ($8) will buy you one of the best-loved early console RPGs. The game, which released on SNES as Final Fantasy II, was actually the fourth installment of the long-running series. Collectors have been known to pay large sums for the original cartridges - the Virtual Console version delivers the same fateful journey for a much more reasonable price tag.

Xbox Live Arcade continues its focused push for March with the release of Scrap Metal. Slick Entertainment's car combat game mixes the old school charm of R.C. Pro-Am with the explosive destruction of Twisted Metal. As you upgrade cars and compete in races and arenas, this top down action/racer aims to deliver adrenaline-fueled driving, both on and offline. The game releases tomorrow, March 10. Tickets to the destruction derby will put you back 1200 Microsoft points ($15). Our full review of the game will be available later this week.

After his recent debut on the Wii, Mega Man 10 is moving on to PlayStation Network this week. Thursday, March 11th will find the blue bomber shooting his way through Dr. Wily's nefarious new robot masters. You can join him for $9.99, or check out our review of the game right here.

In addition, a late announcement last week brought news of the second episode of Topatoi releasing on PlayStation Network. The game has players navigating a gyroscopic top as it spins its way through puzzles and platforms. The second episode requires the first episode to play – the original installment and the new expansion each cost $7.99.

Are you enjoying Microsoft's block party month so far? On which system will you play Mega Man 10? Any other titles catch your eye this week?