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Welcome back for day five of Indie Week. Today we are taking a peek at the nominees for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. The biggest honor of the IGF ceremony, those that walk away with the Seumas McNally award earn more than peer recognition and some money to line their pockets – they garner the attention of press and potential publishers alike.

As the five games below represent the best of what Indie has to offer, it’s not surprising that they were nominated for multiple awards this year. As such, the previews below debuted at various points earlier this week.

To avoid retreading too much, we took some time to chat with the five developers nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. In the feature below we explore their struggles, successes and general philosophy on being indie.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow – we’ve still got two days of Indie week to go before we head out to GDC to report on the awards.


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Feature: Talking To The Top Contenders
Nominees: Seumas McNally Grand Prize