EA Sports has dropped the first details and screenshot for NCAA Football 11, and the changes made to the upcoming title – while some are desirable – are decidedly in the "minutia" category.

If there are any new, mind-blowing features for NCAA 11, EA Sports isn't talking about it just yet. The game's producers sat down with ESPN and ran through some of the title's talking points. While there definitely is some fan service in what they're doing, none of it looks to be a game-changing.

  • Better Gang Tackling: Madden's gang tackling has been brought over and improved. Definitely a plus for NCAA.
  • Formation Subs: An absolute must-have. Now you can set it up so certain players are automatically subbed onto the field when you call plays from the formations you've assigned them to.
  • Numbers on Helmets: Makes team uniforms like Alabama's more authentic.
  • New Equipment: From helmets to arm sleeves.
  • Auto-Saves: The game will auto-save in more places to ensure you don't lose any progress.
  • Auto-Loading Rosters: Helpful if you're switching between game modes and don't want to have to load a roster you've made changes on.
  • On-Field Refs: I never even knew they weren't there...
  • Online dynasty bowl games are all played the same week instead of being spread out.
  • Conference logos change when you switch conferences.

NCAA fans: What do you think?

[via Pastapadre]