Sonic fans eager for a longer look at Sonic 4 are in luck today. A leaked video recently surfaced showing off Sonic 4's level select screen and the first bits of level one: Splash Hill Zone. The developer of the game was also revealed on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Sonic 4's leaked screenshots and video show off the mandatory lush, green intro level. Though the video quality sucks, it's clear that this game is one gorgeous-looking 2D platformer. I can't wait to get my hands on it and see this glorious sight splashed across a huge HD television.

Also uncovered were four other stages set to appear in the game: Casino Street Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, Mad Gear Zone, and a Special Stage. Hopefully the game has more levels within because I just can't see myself collecting seven chaos emeralds within four stages.

One of the most significant Sonic-related finds of the day is an Xbox Live Marketplace listing, (thanks, Destructoid) which reveals developer DIMPS as being behind the title. Anyone familiar with the spectacular and portable Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush titles is already familiar with the developer's respect for the hedgehog's classic form. No more Sonic Team performing bizarre genetic werehog experiments on Sega's mascot, or shoving a stupid sword in his hand.

Check out 1UP for the leaked video and more screenshots like the one featured above.


1UP took down the screens and leaked video at Sega's request.