Update: Just minutes ago, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted this great news: "Modern Warfare 2 players on Xbox 360 just received an update today." This patch offers a fix for the infinite care package exploit, and the normalization of care package, sentry gun, and emergency airdrop grenade sprint speeds. Players will also notice improved placement for sentry guns (they can no longer cross into geometry), and the model 1887 combo of akimbo and FMJ now has the same range and damage as normal model 1887's. Cheaters, your days of ruining the game for everyone else are over! Thank you, Infinity Ward. Hopefully, these problems show the development team how important public betas are.

Original Story: Earlier this week, my Modern Warfare 2 clan, Moo!, jumped online with the goal of extending our consecutive win streak past 12. We managed to hit five wins in a row before running into a group of players in ground war deathmatch who used the care package glitch. Our streak ended in this match, forcing my clan into retirement until Infinity Ward patched the game. I've been itching to get back into the action, but hadn't heard anything lately regarding a fix. Using the magic of a web service called Twitter, I sent Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling this question: "Any updates on the care package patch?" He responded within seconds. "The Care Package Fix patch went to Microsoft for cert on Friday. Not too much longer before it's a thing of the past."

Good news! Given how big of a problem this glitch has been, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft pushes it through as quickly as they can. I'm guessing we'll see it next week!