It looks like Suda 51’s development studio Grasshopper Manufacture just got an upgrade. The Japanese company has announced that they’ve hired two heavy hitters in Eastern game development. The first, Kazutoshi Iida, is known for his work on the Japanese titles Aquanaut’s Holiday and Doshin the Giant. The second, Akira Yamaoka, is best known for his role in the survival horror series Silent Hill. Yamaoka has been famous for both his eerie soundtracks and as a producer for the later titles.

“Grasshopper aims to make games that entertain audiences and gamers around the world. I would like to make it a brand that fans look up to. A brand that will keep rising well past the 100th year anniversary of the games industry,” says Goichi Suda, CEO and designer at Grasshopper Manufacture.

No word yet on what these two will be working on but knowing the company's history, one can assume something that's quirky and goofy.