Unless you’re in it for the ads, there’s no longer any reason to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. EA Sports has announced the results of its sixth annual Madden NFL sim, which put the New Orleans Saints above the Indianapolis Colts with a score of 35-31.

According to the simulation, which used Madden NFL10 on the Xbox 360 with the most current player roster and stats available, the first three quarters have the Colts leading 24-21. New Orleans turns things around after Reggie Bush returns a punt for a 42-yard touchdown to start the fourth quarter. A touchdown pass from Peyton Manning to Joseph Addai pushes the Colts back in the lead temporarily, but Drew Brees saves the day for the Saints with seconds remaining with an 11-yard TD strike to TE David Thomas.

EA Sports says that the sim has accurately predicted the results of the big game five out of the six times it’s been used. Before the NFC and AFC championship games, Madden NFL10 predicted the outcomes within three points. And at the last Super Bowl, the game was predicted down to the final score and player statistics. Creepy.

Watch the highlight reel below for a sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing between the commercials.

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