UPDATE: Sony has responded in regards to the PSP Go relaunch rumor, stating that the speculation is "nothing but that."

ORIGINAL STORY: Rumors have been budding up regarding a relaunch of Sony’s PSPgo. The digital-only handheld was welcomed with very little fanfare when it launched last October, and sources are reporting that Sony wants a do-over.

Gamervision reports that this mulligan is due to hit very soon, and that a larger marketing campaign will be championing the attempt to claim glory (and sales). If this hearsay ends up being true, hopefully a price reduction would be part of Sony’s new deal.

We've contacted Sony for comment, and we'll be sure to bring you any new developments on this rumor.

If the PSPgo relaunched $50 cheaper, would you give it another look? Can’t remember what the doo-hickey is all about? Check out our video review.