Are you a Jets fan with a burning hatred of Tom Brady? Do you want to see Reggie Bush go down in a crumpled, torn ACL-heap next season? Then vote for your least-favorite player in EA Sports' upcoming Madden NFL 11 cover contest.

Traditionally, whoever appears on the cover of EA Sports' Madden NFL title is cursed. The curse can range from breaking your leg like Michael Vick (Madden 2004) to declined performance Daunte Culpepper (Madden 2002), but either way, seeing your favorite football player on the cover of Madden is not a good harbinger of the season to come.

EA Sports and Doritos are teaming up and giving fans a chance to vote on which player ends with the dubious honor of being on the Madden NFL 11 cover. Starting February 4th, Doritos' website will host the voting, so if you're looking to get a leg up over your hated rivals next season head over there when it goes live and start voting for all your least favorite players.


via pastapadre