Check out this week’s downloadable game schedule and learn what you need to know.

This week sees the release of a great Live Arcade title we’ve been keeping our eyes on for a few months. Chime is a puzzle game that shares a lot in common with Tetris and Lumines. You place geometric blocks in place around a large board, attempting to create quads of 3x3 or larger squares, which are then finalized and scored as a line sweeps by across the screen. Music from artists such as Moby and Paul Hartnell of Orbital fill the soundscape of each stage, and each song grows and changes as you place blocks. It’s a fun mechanic that only grows more engrossing over time. The game deserves a look because of its fun gameplay, but it's worth noting that the entire game is part of a charity venture from OneBigGame – proceeds go to a variety of children’s charities, and developer Zoë Mode completed the game pro bono. The full five-song game will be only 400 Microsoft points ($5) when it releases this Wednesday – it’s more than worth it, even without the warm fuzzy feeling you might get for helping give to kids in need.

Live Arcade players should also note that ‘Splosion Man is on special sale right now through the Marketplace, at least if you're a Gold member. It's totally worth a purchase if you didn’t grab the game upon its initial release last summer. 400 Microsoft points ($5) will get you this co-op enabled puzzle/platformer about a science experiment gone wrong and the subsequent wild flight from captivity.

WiiWare sees the conclusion of their most recent episodic adventure game series this week through the release of Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God. This final, fifth installment wraps up the latest adventures of Guybrush and friends with more amusing, but challenging, puzzles on the high seas of the Caribbean. Telltale’s final entry in the series is out now for 1,000 Wii Points ($10). For people who were waiting to start on the first part until the complete set had released, your time has come.

What's your take on the charitable downloadable game project? Given that a game like Chime promises to be pretty fun, would you be more likely to pick it up, knowing that some of your purchase price would be going to a good cause?