At this year's CES convention, Microsoft unveiled its plan to create an Xbox Live Game Room where you can go and play arcade classics. Through the years we've had ample opportunities to play cherished titles like Tempest – perhaps you've already bought some of those games via Xbox Live Arcade. Now, the 360's Game Room is going to make you pay for them again.

Any Game Room arcade titles that you may have already bought as Xbox Live Arcade games won't transfer over to the Game Room, which is due this spring. We talked to a Microsoft representative on the topic, who told us that the company considers the Game Room titles different from their XBLA counterparts because they are the original versions and not "revamped" like those on XBLA. Game Room games will cost between 240 and 400 MS points, so even though you may have to buy them a second time, they should at least be cheaper than those you've already bought.

Would you buy any of these classic titles a second time just to have the original arcade version, or are you fine with the enhanced XBLA ones you already paid for?

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