Aaron Greenberg, Xbox group product manager, recently clarified that Microsoft isn’t trying to trick people into thinking they are spending less on games with their points system. He also mentioned that they may begin advertising the price for downloadable items in dollars alongside the MS Points price.

"We never intended to mislead people," Greenberg said in a chat with G4. "We want to be transparent about it, and so it is something that we're looking at.

“How can we be more transparent and let people see it in actual dollars? You've got to think that we have one service that we're offering around the world. The nice thing about Points is that no matter if you're on the JPY or the EUR or the USD – something that's 200 Points is 200 Points everywhere around the world.”

Greenburg goes on to explain that there are technical hoops to jump through in order to localize pricing, considering you much customize the price tag for each country along with their currency fluctuations. He also mentioned plans to expand Xbox Live users’ friends list beyond the 100 cap.

"Exactly when that happens I can't say because there's some technical requirements tied to it. But I can tell you that, just like consumers, I share the same frustration and I, too, want more than 100 friends, and so know that we all want that and that we are working on getting that fixed."

[Via GamesIndustry.Biz]