It is a good day. Today we get to revel in the glory of Mega Man 10's Robot Masters. Did you think Sheep Man was absurd? Well, say hello to Pump Man.

In no particular order, Dr. Wily's latest batch of bots are:

Chill Man - Shoots ice projectiles.
Strike Man - Throws a mean fast ball.
Sheep Man - Transforms into clouds and casts lighting bolts on you.
Commando Man - Blasts you with explosives.
Solar Man - Absorbs your attacks to fuel his own volley.
Blade Man - A sword on each hand, and one on his noggin'.
Nitro Man - Transforms into a motorcycle.
Pump Man - Uses some sort of bubble shield.

Check out all the Robot Masters in their anime and 8-bit forms, along with screenshots of their stages and boss rooms in the media gallery below.

Alright everybody, let's start guessing which Robot Master's weapon begins the infamous cycle-o-butt whoop featured in every Mega Man. Let's start with Strike Man...