A couple of notable titles are on the way to download services this week; here's your weekly update.

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter arrives on XBLA after a few delays this Wednesday, January 13th. People who've played the series before know what to expect. For newer initiates, Sam is a gun-toting killer of monsters in a first-person shooter than tends to value quantity of enemies and laughs over deep story or complex level designs. Most of the fights involve desperate running and gunning through large, arena-like environments. The remake's graphics are a significant step up from previous installments, and online-enabled cooperative play for up to four players should bring a few more people in the door. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter will set you back 1200 Microsoft points, or $15 in real-person money.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney deserves some attention as it shows up on WiiWare this week. Before longtime fans get too excited, you should be aware that this is a pretty straight forward remake of Capcom's original game in the DS series. About the only change is the use of the Wii remote instead of the stylus. For players that haven't seen the cross-examining skills of this legendary lawyer, you're in for a treat. Phoenix Wright combines some simple adventure genre investigations with some insane courtroom drama. This first game includes Phoenix's first four full trials, and all the humor and unusual characters that come along for the ride. 1000 Nintendo points, (or $10) will get you through the courtroom door.