Every electronics company seems to be putting its chips on 3D at this year's CES, and Sony is no exception. While its new 3D enhanced HDTVs and Blu-ray players garnered most of the stage time during Sony's press conference, after touring the booth it was clear that the PlayStation 3 holds a strategic position as the electronics giant attempts to lure consumers into the goggle-reliant future. The showfloor featured several PlayStation 3 exclusives running 3D demos, including Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5, Super Stardust HD, and MLB 10: The Show.

Though none of these titles have been designed from the ground up with 3D in mind, they are all compatible with Sony's new line of 3D Bravia televisions and the active shutter glasses (sold separately). When we donned the clunkly, uncomfortable glasses, the most noticable 3D effect we noticed was how the user interfaces, such as stat boxes in MLB 10 or the racing HUD in Gran Turismo, popped off the screen. When players are in the batters box in MLB 10, the 3D effects give the baseball diamond a nice depth of field, but once you make contact with the ball the screen pulls away and that sensation is lost.

This inconsistency will probably be the status quo for games retrofitted for 3D, but if enough people adopt the technology perhaps we'll start seeing studios develop games with 3D in mind. What's your take on the 3D revolution? Do you think the electronics companies are smart to throw their weight behind it in the wake of Avatar, or do you think the technology is a gimmick that will fade away again like it did after Jaws and Captain EO gave it a go?