As the industry gears down for the holidays, now is the perfect time to digest some of the fantastic blogs you may have missed over the last few hectic weeks. From snuggies for dogs, stick bundles, an amazing "re-boxing," to The Truth of Assassin's Creed II, these blogs run the gamut of topics. Grab some eggnog and your favorite holiday sweater, it's time to go blog herding.

Editor Blogs:

Things In My Mom's House That I Don't Understand
Dan headed back down to Kansas for the holidays and has become lost within the obscure knick-knackery of his mother's home. Befuddled and out of his element, he has logged his harrowing quest among unnecessarily ornate mirrors, saltine-chandeliers, a fish with disco balls, and worst of all the fabled Snuggie... for dogs.

How Blizzard Has Made World Of Warcraft Better Than Ever
Phil dissects exactly how Blizzard has improved WoW with the recently released patch 3.3.

My Top Media Fives
Nick lists off his favorites of the year from other forms of media.

Exclusive Reboxing Photos!!!
Jeff Cork chronicles his epic re-boxing of a classic title which deserves to be preserved in mint condition, never again to be sullied by unkempt human hands.

CosBlog #12: Tira And Big Sister By Rune McKinney
Meagan showcases impressive cosplay of Rune's Tira and one of Bioshock 2's Big Sisters.

Games I Would Play…If Anyone Made Them #1
Ben shares his lust for a good Sherlock Holmes game, while immediately clearing the air that he is not riding Robert Downey Junior's coattails.

Discussion: Assassin’s Creed II: The Truth
Reiner has a theory about The Truth in Assassin's Creed II, and Ubisoft Montreal's Corey May even replies in the comments.

Akimbo Shotguns Are Turning Me Into A Murderer

Has your kill-death ratio been marred by lazy gamers clutching dual shotguns? Reiner feels your pain, and is dishing it back at them.

Homage, Coincidence, Or Crazy: Tracking Down Avatar's Terminology
Jeff M dives into the video game-related vocabulary used in James Cameron's Avatar, the perfect debriefing upon your return from paying $15 for a three hour nap.

Community Blogs:

The Star Wars Game They Should Have Made
Magical Sarai launches into the minute details of what they think would make for the best Star Wars game around. Prophecy of greatness to come, or uberfandom-induced fever dream? You be the judge.

The Only Time I Ever Cried
Dylan Snyder opens up and shares with us the only time he's ever had tears coaxed out of him from a video game.

Top Gaming Moments
Dkeller2 dives into his most memorable gaming moments. From blasting through Super Mario Galaxy to an Assassin jumping into haystacks, lots of great gaming moments are briefly touched on here.

The Missing Piece: What Borderlands Needs
User BatmanPrime dares to play devil's advocate and share what they think Borderlands needs to achieve gaming perfection. I couldn't agree with his last suggestion more, unless it was an accordion.