As platform holders Sony and Microsoft do all they can to enter the motion-control market Nintendo’s flag has been so firmly wedged atop, intense research has been undergone on another form of immersive technology. According to market research team, Insight Media, 40 million gamers will be playing games in Stereoscopic 3D by the year 2014.

After hours upon hours of playing 3D games, Insight Media has found that there are no symptoms of eye strain or fatigue related specifically to playing with an extra dimension. The report neglects to mention any effect wearing the glasses around others may have on social status.

“Our experience leads us to believe that S-3D gaming is more immersive and compelling than traditional gaming on a 2D screen, and it will help drive 3D adoption,” says lead research analyst, Dale H. Maunu.
Sony has also come out and said that existing PS3 titles could be updated to incorporate compatibility with 3D glasses. However, there is no word on what titles would receive this treatment or when.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be a gamer. Do you think 3D gaming is as “immersive and compelling” as the analysts say? What game would you love to play in full 3D? My vote is for Super Mario Galaxy.

[Via Edge]