With issue 200 hot off the presses featuring eight unique covers, we here at Game Informer have come down with cover-gazing fever. Unbeknownst to us, our very own production wiz, Curtis Fung, had been satisfying his own nostalgia for old covers by compiling them into a cover gallery. We've spent a good chunk of the day reflecting on these snapshots from video game history, and would like you to join us.

Wondering what failed mascot made its way onto the front of Game Informer in the March/April issue of 1993? Can you spot all the cover story games that never saw the light of day? Well why don't check for yourself?

They're all here. All of them. Ever.

Update (12/4):

Sorry about the cover gallery, I had to take it down along with all my other pages on the site because I always get the blame when something breaks on this website, it was causing undue stress for me as well as for the administrators who run this place.

So the cover gallery will remain down until someone else in the office have time to redo it from scratch, I've remove all the assets yesterday out of frustration. I wished I kept a backup. Oh well. Cheers to the folks who got a glimpse of the gallery before it went down in flames.



Update (12/9):

Cover gallery is back up again, good thing I send  scans of all the covers to my colleague Jeff Akervik a couple weeks ago as he wanted to do an "Ugliest covers of all time" blog post. So I didn't have to start from scratch to redo the entire thing.

The cover gallery will now be hosted on our media server so the chance of screwing the backend of the gi website is zero.