Way back in the glory days of sports games known as 1993, Electronic Arts decided to take the Madden '93 engine and craft a very different sports game for the Sega Genesis. The result was Mutant League Football, a gory take on American football where the teams consisted of trolls, robots, and more. If you think this concept is ripe for current-gen exploration, brace yourself: According to a report from Destructoid, some designers from the now-closed EA Chicago wanted that to happen. Check after the break for some extremely early concept footage made outside of EA.

According to the YouTube poster who uploaded this video, these sample animations were put together in 2005 by some EA employees who loved the Mutant League concept. A couple of designers at EA Chicago liked the idea and wanted to run with it, as did several other EA studios, but the project never got off the ground.

You'll also notice in the video that at one point the football field transforms into a hockey stadium, a reference to lesser-known Mutant League Football spin-off Mutant League Hockey. A light-hearted, action-packed sports game that includes multiple sports? Awesome! Too bad we'll likely never see this one come to fruition.