Rocktober is almost upon us. You can't get your hands on Brutal Legend until October 13, but these two comedic geniuses entertain in the interim with banter about all things metal.

Watching these titans of comedy discuss the life of a roadie, doing steroids as a commitment to excellence, and Satan's side job as bell boy of the Four Seasons is not for the faint of heart. If you dislike swear words, bulging biceps, and/or things that are awesome, don't watch these videos. (If that's the case, we have no idea why you clicked this link anyway, and you should be ashamed.) The first video is footage from the Brutal Legend press conference starring Tim Schafer and Jack Black.

Dig that awesome display of rockitude? The Brutal banter isn't over yet. Watch Tim Schafer interview Jack Black in the persona of Eddie Riggs, extended footage of the press conference, and an exclusive gameplay video in our media viewer below.

Finally, check out our Codec Chatter interview, where we talk about the music behind the game and a whole lot more.