ACE Team’s imaginative first-person fighting game Zeno Clash has been getting a lot of attention these days. Last week, Atlus announced that it was bringing the game to Xbox Live Arcade in early 2010. Now Tripwire Interactive has revealed that it will be publishing the game in retail stores across North America in the near future. Until now, it’s only been available as a Steam download. The boxed version of the game will include a full single-player campaign with 18 levels, an eight-level challenge mode with leaderboard support and a model pack for use with Garry’s Mod.

 “Zeno Clash is one of those truly stand-out games that we are really proud to be associated with and to have as our first third-party title to publish,” says Alan Wilson, VP of Tripwire Interactive. “The game is genuinely memorable and has the best melee combat mechanics we’ve ever seen. What makes this deal even more memorable for us, is the fact that the ACE Team’s history parallels our own – an ex-mod team that has funded themselves and succeeded in developing and releasing a great first title.”

Tripwire was founded by the team who created the award-winning Red Orchestra mod. In addition to publishing their retail follow up Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Tripwire is publisher of Killing Floor.