When you think of new gaming hardware launches, you probably envision droves of berserk consumers rushing retailers with wads of cash clutched in their fists. This frenzied reception may not perfectly describe the release of Sony's PSPgo, however, as Sony is hinting at merely adequate sales out of the game. But how are the local outlets in our very own Twin Cities doing?

In a recent statement by Sony, a spokesperson said the "PSPgo has performed in line with our expectations, driving 100 per cent incremental volume for the category and has benefited the broad PSP portfolio with PSP-3000 also enjoying a big lift. PSP software sales also having been a standout with both new releases GT PSP and FIFA 10 performing well." Sounds like things are not too bad, but not too good, either.

We called multiple local retailers around the Game Informer office and asked if the PSPgo was in stock. 90 percent of the stores we contacted still had the handheld available, which launched five days ago. How conservative were Sony's projected sales to begin with? Until the official sales numbers are released, this all just conjecture. We've contacted Sony for comment.

You've already heard what we think about the digital-only device in our video review, why don't you think it's selling like hotcakes? Weigh in with your opinion below.