Status Report:
I really couldn’t have imagined yesterday going better than it did. And yes, I know there are still a fair amount of bugs out there and services people would like to have, and we are working as quickly as possible to get those into place.

In particular, we are working on the forums. We’ll be doing some updates this weekend (perhaps even tonight) to try and address the missing pagination, as well as give users more tools and space (we hope to fix those animated .gifs as well). “Mark all as read” is already up, for those that were wondering.

We are also aware of the current RSS feed problems. If that isn’t addressed over the weekend, it will be early next week.

How Ranking Up Works:
Throughout the last 24-plus hours I have seen a number of posts and also received a number of emails and conversations through the site wondering about how the ranking up system works. I wanted to take a moment to explain it a little further.

You score points by doing things around the site, like interacting on the forums or commenting on stories. There is a full break down located here.

As your score goes up you unlock new privileges. For example:

To write user reviews, you must be a member or subscriber and have scored more than 10 points through the site’s ranking system.

To get your blogs featured on the front page you must have more than 500.

To create your own groups, you have to exceed the 2500 point mark.

We already have users writing up reviews and blog posts (user Matt Brooker has an excellent review up). You can tell he went and read the Game Informer Writer’s Guild tips, and his post shows it.

I highly recommend everyone head to the guild and follow those tips, as it really does make your work more impressive.

I want to thank everyone one last time for the feedback, and also let everyone know we have big plans for Monday: including the reveal of our November cover and some of the goodies that go along with it. We will also be posting all weekend (and working on the bugs).