With their upcoming upgrade to the PSPgo, the first digital-download-only version of their handheld, Sony still has a lot of burning questions to answer for curious gamers. How will those of us with large UMD collections get our games onto the system? Will the digital download system lower the average price of PSP games? And above all else: Just how many older PSP games will be available and how soon?

We’ve got at least the beginning of an answer to that last question thanks to an interview conducted with Sony director of PlayStation operations and strategic planning Eric Lempel. Asked how long it would take to have all of the current PSP library available on the PSP Go, Lempel provided this update on some of the troubles with moving to digital downloads:

“There are a lot of rights issues behind that, legal clearances, and a lot of these games were made without intentions to go digital, so we are working with all of our third party partners to get as much as we can, and the goal would be to have the entire library up. It might not be possible due to issues around those titles.”

Sony had previously stated that their goal was to have “a majority” of older PSP titles available for download on the revised handheld, but with that answer still a bit shady and the PSP Go’s release a mere week away, we’re starting to wonder just how long it will take to achieve even that.

In the same interview, Lempel said that Sony is still looking into a way for UMD-owners to get their old products onto the Go. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Sony clears up these last few nagging issues soon – possibly with an announcement at their Tokyo Game Show keynote later this week?