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  • Places: The Holy Land


    The first Assassin's Creed game had a number of cool features, but the chance to explore Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus was unlike anything else gamers had encountered.

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  • A Beginner's Guide To Hitman: Absolution


    Before you embark on 47's newest adventure, read these spoiler-free tips to elevate your game from a trigger-happy goon to a master assassin.

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  • Wii U Hardware Review


    [UPDATE] The Wii U is finally here! We explore every facet of Nintendo's new console and will update throughout the day as we put the online functionality through its paces.

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  • Test Chamber – New Super Mario Bros. U


    We show off the newest Super Mario game (and demonstrate why Luigi is the superior bro) in our latest episode of Test Chamber.

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  • Test Chamber – Scribblenauts Unlimited

    22 1

    Scribblenauts Unlimited is the the first game in the series to display on more than a screen in your hand, and we decided to take a look at it in all its "HD-ness" glory.

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  • Test Chamber – Hitman: Absolution


    In this episode of Test Chamber, associate editor Jeff Marchiafava walks Ben Reeves and Jeff Cork through a trio of imaginative kill options in the crowded streets of Chinatown. Well, okay – two imaginative kill options. The third just involves shooting everyone in sight.

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  • Test Chamber - Wonderbook: Book of Spells


    In this video feature, Game Informer's Dan Ryckert and Jim Reilly attempt to enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

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  • See Lego Lord Of The Rings' Best Item In Action


    Even in Lego form, Aragorn seems grim and serious all the time. Maybe he just needs to let loose and dance a little!

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  • Replay – PaRappa the Rapper


    This week we're taking a look at a rappin' dog as he learns karate, gets his driver's license, and tries to sell flea market merchandise.

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  • Weekend Warrior 11/16/12

    90 1

    Several Game of the Year contenders are taking priority this weekend.

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  • This Week In Mobile 11/16/12

    7 1

    It’s Friday, which means it’s time once again to round up some of the mobile games being released this week. A realistic boxing game, Tetris in reverse, and something from Google which changes the real world into a video game, are just a few examples of what can be found on mobile devices this week.

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  • Grand Theft Auto V Reader Q&A

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    Last week, we asked fans to submit questions regarding Grand Theft Auto V. We received over 500 submissions, and I did my best to answer the most common questions. 

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